At ICE Vox on 5 February, the president and CEO of the American Gaming Association, Bill Miller, expressed his belief in the success of the American model of gaming on a global scale. He made this comment during the ECA Opening: Global Associations panel at the International Casino Conference, where he highlighted the positive impact of major US operators expanding into international markets.

Miller specifically mentioned MGM, Wynn, and Sands as three operators that have effectively put Macau on the map. He credited their vision for the expansion of Macau into one of the largest gaming centers in the world. Additionally, he emphasized the growth of US gaming in places like the Middle East, citing Wynn’s plans to build the first casino in the region in Dubai.

Erwin Van Lambaart, chairman of the European Casino Association, discussed Europe’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, focusing on the industry’s efforts to innovate and strengthen itself. He stressed the importance of inclusivity and the need for new talent to have new role models in the industry.

Ernest Stevens Jr, chairman of the Indian Gaming Association, highlighted the responsibility tribal gaming associations have towards their communities, emphasizing the prioritization of regulation, security, and responsible gaming. He also spoke about the importance of participating in the upcoming US presidential election.

Overall, the panel discussions at ICE Vox emphasized the success and growth of the American gaming model on a global scale, with speakers highlighting the industry’s resilience and commitment to responsible gaming practices. The event, which took place from 5-8 February, provided valuable insights into the future of the gaming industry.

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