Tunisian tennis player Anis Ghorbel has been suspended by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) for three years and fined $20,000 in connection to a match-fixing case in Belgium. The suspension, which began on January 4th, will last until January 3rd, 2027.

Ghorbel was found guilty of four breaches of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Programme (TACP) related to match-fixing offenses in 2016 and 2017. These breaches include failure to report a corrupt approach, facilitating betting on the outcome of a match, and contriving the outcome of a match. Despite the charges, Ghorbel denies all allegations.

As a result of his suspension, Ghorbel is prohibited from participating in, coaching at, or attending any tennis events sanctioned by ITIA members or national associations. The case against Ghorbel is part of a wider crackdown on match-fixing in tennis, with a particular focus on a syndicate operating in Belgium.

The collaboration between the ITIA and Belgian authorities has led to several players and officials being sanctioned in connection to the case. Grigor Sargsyan, the leader of the match-fixing syndicate, has already been sentenced to five years in prison. Additionally, 16 players were initially banned in November 2023, with more recent charges being filed against players like French tennis player Leny Mitjana, who received a 10-year ban for corruption and match-fixing offenses.

In total, the ITIA has banned 22 players and officials in the last three months as part of their efforts to address the issue of match-fixing in tennis. These sanctions are a clear indication of tennis’ commitment to maintaining integrity within the sport and holding individuals accountable for their involvement in corrupt practices.

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