The crash games genre has been flying under the radar for the past few years but is now being touted as one of the casino’s biggest growth opportunities. In part two of the feature ahead of ICE London 2024, we speak to the pioneering studios behind the crash games genre to discuss its growth potential.

SPRIBE, the industry’s first crash games pioneer, has planted its flag in North America with a recent sponsorship deal with the UFC in the US. The deal allows SPRIBE branding opportunities during UFC pay-per-views and Fight Nights, as well as an annual Brand Ambassador fund involving UFC athletes. According to SPRIBE’S CCO Giorgi Tsutskiridze, this deal signals the game’s potential to be a sensation in North America, particularly in the US where Aviator has the potential to attract a large fan base.

1X2 Network, one of the UK’s most famous studios, also sees North America as the next big opportunity with their debut crash game, Maverick, set to roll out in the US after receiving regulatory approval. Their chief product officer, Alex Ratcliffe, notes that the game is well-positioned to meet the demand for community-oriented gaming.

Aviatrix, another pioneering studio, also focuses on the social element of their crash game, with a multiplayer aspect that creates a truly social gaming experience. The studio has also run network tournaments with big prize pools to attract and retain loyal players.

The crash games genre also offers the opportunity to convert sports fans into players. BetGames, a studio that positions itself as a gateway between sports and gaming, sees a massive overlap between its existing portfolio and the appeal of the crash games genre in sports-heavy markets. Anastasia Rimskaya from Aviatrix also notes that crash games provide an accessible launchpad for those interested in exploring online casinos.

One key feature of crash games that sets it apart from other games is its high return to player (RTP) percentage. For example, Aviator has an RTP of 97%, which is higher than many slots. This, combined with the unique experience and marketing tools provided to operators, makes crash games like Aviator a high generator of gross gaming revenue (GGR) for many operators.

Overall, the crash games genre is poised for significant growth in 2024, with a focus on expanding into new markets, retaining loyal players through community-oriented gaming, and converting sports fans into players. The high RTP percentage and bonusing mechanisms offered by these games make them attractive revenue drivers for operators.

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