The Game Safety Institute (GSI) is a new organization with a unique approach to player safety in the gambling industry. The concept behind GSI is to shift the onus of responsibility from the player to the game itself. The organization aims to provide a more holistic approach to player safety by incorporating safety mechanisms into all aspects of interaction without the player even being aware of it.

Founded by Sarah Ramanauskas and Simo Dragicevic, the Game Safety Institute is looking to address the issue of harmful gambling behavior by focusing on product safety. The organization believes that the gambling industry needs to shift its focus from simply offering products to considering the safety and impact of those products on the players.

Ramanauskas and Dragicevic argue that the traditional approach to responsible gambling, which relies on players opting out or choosing tools to manage their gambling behavior, is not effective. They believe that incorporating safety mechanisms into the products themselves is the key to successful, long-term player care.

The Game Safety Institute is developing an assessment framework to evaluate game design, marketing, and player education. The organization aims to empower operators to assess the elements of risk and safety, build sustainable player relationships, and understand the real factors of risk for individual players.

The GSI’s approach also aims to integrate responsible gambling into the overall player experience, rather than treating it as a separate aspect of gambling websites. The organization believes that responsible gambling should be invisible and not something that players have to actively seek out or think about.

While the approach taken by the Game Safety Institute is promising, there are concerns about the potential impact on operators’ revenues. The organization acknowledges that operators may face the risk of losing valuable players to competitors if they act responsibly. However, the GSI believes that building sustainable player relationships through a holistic approach to safety is more valuable in the long run.

Overall, the Game Safety Institute’s unique approach to player safety in the gambling industry has the potential to change the way operators and players interact with gambling products, ultimately aiming to create a safer and more responsible gambling environment.

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