Total Performance Data (TPD) and TripleSdata (TSD) have recently announced their merger, forming a combined entity that will provide live horse racing data from over 100 tracks in 11 different countries. The merger will also see a restructuring of the management team, with TSD founders Carlos Santo and Sebastian Scholz joining TPD’s board and playing a key role in managing the global team.

As a result of the merger, Brad Higgins from TSD will head the APAC sales division, while John McBroom from TPD will lead the global sales team.

The CEO of TPD, Will Duff Gordon, expressed his excitement about the merger, touting the improved offering that it provides. He also highlighted the increasing competition in the horse racing industry and emphasized the importance of focusing on tracking content to enhance the overall offering.

Carlos Santo, one of the founders of TSD, also spoke about the merger, emphasizing the commitment of both companies to delivering high-quality data products to their customers. He described the merger as an exciting journey that will allow both companies to continue innovating and delivering unmatched data solutions to their customers in the racing and wagering industries.

The merger is expected to benefit racecourses worldwide, as it will provide viewers with live and post-race tracking data as well as TPD’s in-play odds. The combined entity aims to capitalize on the growing demand for horse racing content and to enhance the overall betting experience for customers.

Overall, the merger of TPD and TSD is seen as a significant development in the live horse racing data industry, with the combined entity poised to become a global leader in racehorse tracking and revenue generation.

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