In December, sports betting in Oregon reached a new high with players spending a record $73.2 million, marking a 38.1% increase from the previous year. The revenue from these bets also hit an all-time high, reaching $9.7 million.

American football was the most popular sport for betting, attracting $23.1 million in wagers, followed by basketball with $16.5 million, football with $3.3 million, and ice hockey with $2.0 million. Single bets accounted for $48.1 million of the total wagers, while the remaining $25.1 million came from parlay bets.

DraftKings, the sole sports betting operator in Oregon, replaced the Oregon Lottery’s Scoreboard online sportsbook in January 2022. This migration was unanimously approved by the Oregon Lottery Commission in August 2021, following DraftKings’ acquisition of SBTech in December 2019. As a result, DraftKings is now the only platform where players can legally place bets in Oregon.

The previous record of $71.9 million set in October 2023 was surpassed in December, marking a substantial increase in sports betting activity. These numbers reflect the growing popularity of sports betting in the region and the significant revenue generated from these activities.

The Oregon Lottery has been operating its Scoreboard platform since October 2019 when the state first opened its legal sports betting market. With DraftKings now leading the way, the sports betting industry in Oregon is expected to continue to grow and attract even more players in the future.

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