Egamingmonitor has introduced a new product that focuses on lottery data, claiming it will revolutionize how operators and suppliers track player behavior. This new product will provide lottery operators and suppliers with access to unique player and stake data. The dashboards included in the product will offer insights into a range of products, providing unparalleled visibility into market dynamics.

For the first time, stakeholders will have the ability to view market share changes for multi-lottery products such as Eurojackpot and Powerball, allowing them to monitor industry practices and make adjustments to jackpot sizes and ball configurations.

Kevin Dale, the chief executive of Egamingmonitor, stated, “Last year we launched our bingo product, the year before that was casino and this year it’s the turn of lottery: the oldest and largest gaming sector… This allows us to produce interactive reports for both lottery operators and suppliers.”

Egamingmonitor used its new product to identify key trends in 2023, including per capita sales of multistate draw products and the varying susceptibility of increased jackpot sizes across different regions. The data revealed that New York, Ontario, and Portugal have the highest per capita ticket sales for multistate draw products.

The product also highlighted the difference in the ratio of ticket sales to jackpot size in different regions, showing a strong correlation in Delaware but not in La Primitiva Lottery Spain. Additionally, the top operators in upselling were identified, with the Austrian lottery leading in per capita sales of upsell products.

Furthermore, Egamingmonitor revealed a change in shares of Eurojackpot sales by operator. Szerencsejatek, a Hungarian provider, saw an increase in share, while Danskespil experienced a drop.

In a December iGB article, Kevin Dale analyzed the role of music in casino gaming. This new product from Egamingmonitor aims to provide valuable insights for operators and suppliers in the lottery sector, leading to informed decisions that can ultimately result in higher revenues being contributed to good causes worldwide.

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