The head of casino at EveryMatrix, Stian Enger Pettersen, delves into the important aspects of engaging online casino players in Greece in the latest edition of Slot Trumps.

EveryMatrix has been conducting research on some of the world’s rapidly growing regulated and newly regulating territories to understand player preferences. The Greek market has been of particular interest due to the impact of regulatory requirements on player behavior.

In 2022, the Greek government made significant changes to the regulations for slot games, increasing the maximum stake limit to €20 and doubling the jackpot value. Additionally, slot spin speeds were reduced from three seconds to two seconds. Despite these improvements, player behavior is still influenced by these regulatory changes.

For instance, Greek players are unable to access ‘Buy features’ and are limited to an average bet of €0.79 per spin. Traditional game mechanics such as Free Spins thrive, as 60% of the top 20 games in the SlotMatrix Greece network contain Free Spins.

Comparing the behavior of players in Greece to those in Romania and Brazil, it is noted that Greek players spend significantly less per spin than Romanian players, who spend three times more on average. However, despite regulatory restrictions, the appetite for real-money games in Greece is significant, with a higher average number of sessions, bets per player, and bets per session.

It is evident that compliance with regulations is of utmost importance in the Greek market. EveryMatrix’s CasinoEngine platform allows operators to adhere to regulatory and safer gambling requirements in real-time, ensuring responsible gameplay.

Localized content strategy is also crucial in the Greek market, as players engage with games that they are most familiar with and that fit into their cultural preferences. SlotMatrix enables brands to choose the ideal content for each market and present players with games that they enjoy the most.

Overall, aligning online casino strategy with the right foundations, tools, and functionality is essential for operators to reap the rewards in Greece.

For a detailed breakdown of Greek player and wagering behaviors, readers are encouraged to go to the latest Slot Trumps Player Behavior Report. They can also book a meeting with the EveryMatrix team at ICE 2024.

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