FairPlay Sports Media (FPSM) has made a major move by acquiring deep-learning neural network Quarter4 (Q4) with the goal of unlocking the full potential of its proprietary data and technology platform. This acquisition marks the first purchase for FPSM after rebranding from Oddschecker Media Group.

The Toronto-based Q4, established in 2019, specializes in predicting sports outcomes and providing unique data and content opportunities. The price of the acquisition remains undisclosed.

FPSM sees the acquisition as aligning with its objective to revolutionize BetTech and bring benefits to consumers, publishers, and operators globally. The group’s brands will utilize Q4’s prediction technology in combination with their vast price movement data across millions of sports events.

Stuart Simms, FPSM’s group chief executive, emphasized the significance of the acquisition, stating that it will enable their various brands to unleash their market-leading data and tech platform. He also highlighted the potential for new and improved product developments in the future.

Kelly Brooks, Q4’s chief executive and co-founder, expressed excitement about the integrated working relationship with FPSM and the potential for differentiated user experiences.

In the rebrand announcement, Simms unveiled FPSM’s focus on leveraging technology and data in its operations. The company plans to test new business models and explore the possibility of offering an ad-free service, as well as focusing on consumer improvements in the coming months. Simms also emphasized the launch of FairPlay Sports Media as a means to empower customers and deliver value to partners through game-changing betting technology.

In a follow-up call with selected media, Simms clarified that future investments for FPSM will not be in the B2B gaming sphere, but rather in data, machines, AI, and products to enhance insights and analytics. This strategic shift highlights the company’s commitment to leveraging technology and data to drive innovation in the sports betting industry.

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