Curaçao’s Minister of Finance Javier Silvania recently spoke out about the “misinformation” surrounding the new incoming gambling law in the region. The National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK) was introduced to the market’s parliament for approval last December and represents a significant overhaul of how gambling is regulated in Curaçao. This new law replaces the existing National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (NOOGH) legislation that is currently in place.

Silvania addressed the need for accurate and verified information during the legislative process, warning against the spreading of unverified rumors and speculation. He emphasized that the only reliable sources for information are the Ministry of Finance and the Curaçao Gaming Control Board. Silvania also clarified that the current process of licensing under the NOOGH remains unchanged, with the current license-issuing process still in place.

The Minister extended his support to the Curaçao Gaming Control Board during this period of transition, emphasizing the importance of accurate and factual information. He also referenced the Critical Milestones document, which outlines the Ministry’s plan for transitioning from the current framework to the LOK.

One key date highlighted in the document is March 31, 2024, after which the registration of sub-licenses on the GCB portal and the subsequent application for a direct license under the NOOGH will no longer be possible. Additionally, no new extensions or renewals of Master Licenses will take place after this date.

The GCB has already renewed all gambling licenses in Curaçao, with the first renewal ceasing in August 2025 and the final renewal occurring in January 2025. Starting January 1, 2024, license holders were permitted to display a Digital Seal on their websites, which is issued by the GCB. The GCB also began accepting account registrations for applicants and sub-license holders on its online portal, which opened on September 1, 2023.

Silvania’s statement aims to provide clarity and transparency during this period of transition, ensuring that accurate information is accessible to the public and that the gambling industry in Curaçao continues to operate effectively.

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