French tennis player Maxence Broville has been suspended for seven years by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) for failing to cooperate with an anti-corruption investigation. This suspension comes after Broville was handed a provisional suspension in June of last year and has not been able to compete in any sanctioned tennis events since June 20, 2023.

The charges against Broville stem from match-fixing allegations in 2017 and 2018, to which he denies any involvement. The ITIA stated that Broville did not cooperate with their investigation and refused to submit personal devices for examination when asked, leading to their decision to proceed with a full suspension and a €5,000 fine. As a result, Broville will not be able to play professionally until June 19, 2030.

Broville’s suspension is just the latest in a series of sanctions from the ITIA. Bosnian official Damjan Dejanovic was also provisionally suspended, while Bulgarian official Stefan Milanov was banned for 16 years for corruption offenses. Additionally, several players were handed bans and suspensions due to their involvement in a wider match-fixing case in Belgium.

Among these players is French player Leny Mitjanam, who was banned for 10 years, and Tunisian player Anis Ghorbel, who received a three-year ban for their roles in match-fixing. These actions are the result of collaboration between the ITIA and Belgian authorities, which ultimately led to a five-year custodial sentence for syndicate leader Grigor Sargsyan.

The initial 16 player bans occurred during Sargsyan’s conviction in November, and more tennis players have since faced similar consequences for their involvement in match-fixing and corruption offenses. This ongoing enforcement effort highlights the ITIA’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of professional tennis and upholding ethical standards within the sport.

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