Germany’s online slot regulations are having a significant impact on player activity in regulated markets, according to the latest Slot Trumps dashboard from EveryMatrix. The data reveals that the German online casino market has the second-lowest average bet size of all the markets covered, and the lowest average bet size among European countries.

The €1 maximum stake limit on slots is pushing average stakes down to €0.52, which is roughly 50% below the global average across EveryMatrix’s SlotMatrix network. This restrictive regulation is clearly affecting player behavior and activity.

There are further limitations to contend with, including the fact that consumers can only play one game at a time. Coupled with fixed spin speeds, this results in average bets per session of 59. German online slots players also experience wait times between spins, leading them to prefer higher volatility games as they seek more entertainment for less.

Comparing this to other markets, Greece also has low stake limits that affect play, but their average bets per session are 30% higher. Meanwhile, Romania does not impose such restrictions, leading to average bets per session that are 50% higher as a result.

When it comes to bonus features, free spins are the most visible bonus feature in 85% of SlotMatrix’s top 20 games in Germany. This is likely due to the limitations on stake size, as free spins extend gameplay without any additional spending.

In terms of themes, classic and familiar themes are the most popular among German online slot players. Animal, fruit, and fantasy themes are the most prevalent, with animal-themed games being the most popular at 24.7%.

Overall, the Slot Trumps dashboard for Germany provides a full breakdown of the impact of online slot regulations on player activity in the country, highlighting the ways in which these regulations are shaping the online casino market in Germany.

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