GiG, a gaming technology supplier, has appointed Andrew Cochrane as chief business officer for its Platform & Sportsbook division. Cochrane previously held roles at DraftKings and SBTech, and will now be responsible for implementing the company’s commercial strategies and focusing on attracting industry talent.

This move comes after the appointment of Richard Carter as CEO for Platform & Sportsbook, signaling a strategic shift for the division. Cochrane’s appointment is seen as a significant step in GiG’s expansion plans, and he is expected to drive growth for the company’s product suite through new partnerships in key markets worldwide.

Carter expressed excitement about Cochrane joining the team, calling it a significant coup for the business and highlighting Cochrane’s track record of success. Cochrane will cover multiple business areas at GiG, focusing on business development, marketing, partnerships, and corporate development.

In his new role, Cochrane will be responsible for the implementation of GiG’s commercial strategies across its igaming platform, sportsbook, and AI anchored solutions. He is optimistic about the company’s potential for success, with plans for further investment to strengthen their offering and deliver innovative solutions.

GiG announced plans to split its business into two separate entities earlier this year, with the Platform & Sportsbook division becoming a standalone business. This move aims to sharpen the focus of each segment, optimize growth opportunities, and provide strategic and financial flexibility for each business.

Overall, GiG’s recent appointments and strategic shift signal a period of significant change and growth for the company, as it looks to solidify its position as a market leader in the gaming technology industry.

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