French gambling operator Groupe Partouche saw a 10.2% increase in gross gaming revenue (GGR) in 2023, reaching €701.5m. This was a significant improvement from the €636.7m reported in 2022, with the company citing the impact of the pandemic on the previous year’s figures.

The growth in GGR was attributed to increases in several key sectors. Slot machine GGR rose by 7.6%, electronic traditional games in France increased by 20.3%, and online games in Switzerland saw a 41.6% year-on-year increase. Net gaming revenue (NGR) also experienced a 9.0% jump to €332.9m, with turnover excluding NGR increasing by 9.6% to €94.3m. The company’s consolidated turnover globally increased by 9.0% to €423.8m.

Despite the revenue growth, Groupe Partouche reported a decline in net profit for the year. Operating costs increased, with employee expenses rising by 5.5% to €177.2m and purchases and external expenses jumping by 16.9% to €142.6m. The current operating profit for the year increased by 18.3%, but certain income from the previous year was not present in 2023, leading to a decrease in operating profit and pre-tax profit.

After accounting for finance costs, pre-tax profit amounted to €24.5m, down by 36.2%. Groupe Partouche ended 2023 with a net profit of €23.4m, a 37.0% decrease from the previous year. However, the company saw a 0.7% increase in EBITDA to €76.1m for the full year.

In addition to its financial results, Groupe Partouche provided an update on its online casino deal in Belgium. The company announced that its Casino Middelkerke has been issued a license to offer online casino games, effective in January. The casino is also set to move to a new seafront location in March, following its temporary operation in an outlying hotel since becoming part of Groupe Partouche in July 2022.

This update came after Groupe Partouche struck a partnership with Betsson in Belgium, providing the company with access to the country’s online casino market. The initial focus of the partnership will be in Belgium, with potential expansion into other markets, pending the securing of relevant licenses.

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