Denmark’s gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, has imposed fines amounting to DKK100,000 (£11,614/€13,412/$14,726) on an individual found guilty of advertising illegal games on two websites. The individual in question was promoting games offered by operators without a license in Denmark. However, the regulator did not disclose the identity of the websites or the individual involved.

According to Spillemyndigheden, the two websites linked to sites where users could gamble, even if they were registered with ROFUS, the national self-exclusion program in Denmark. Only websites that do not hold a license are permitted to allow users registered with ROFUS to gamble. Spillemyndigheden stated that promoting websites and operators without a license is an offense, and as a result, the individual was reported to the police and found to have broken the law.

As a consequence, two fines of DKK50,000 were issued – one for each website – resulting in a total fine of DKK100,000, as recommended by Spillemyndigheden. This is the first instance where fines have been imposed for promoting methods for players to gamble even after registering with ROFUS.

These fines arrive in the wake of a study published by Spillemyndigheden, which highlighted concerns about underage gambling prevalence in Denmark. The report revealed that approximately 15% of young people in Denmark aged between 15 and 17 have engaged in gambling, despite the legal age for gambling being set at 18.

Among this age group, 68% of those who gambled did so by placing bets, with 42% playing online casino, 21% participating in lotteries and purchasing scratchcards, and 4% engaging in other activities. The study also discovered that 35% of young people played on sites offering skin betting, a feature in video games where players can win virtual items such as character outfits or new weapons.

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