Revenue from gambling in Lithuania has seen a significant increase in the nine months leading up to September 30th. The Gross gambling revenue (GGR) rose by 15.2% year-on-year to a total of €161.0m. This growth was primarily driven by the remote gambling sector, which saw a substantial increase in revenue.

The Gaming Control Authority, which oversees gambling in Lithuania, reported growth in both the online and land-based markets. Remote gambling saw the most significant increase, with €107.0m in GGR, marking a 24.4% increase from the previous year. Meanwhile, land-based gambling also experienced a modest uptick, reaching €54.0m for the reporting period.

During this time, online slot machines were the top revenue generator, with Category A online slots seeing a 33.7% increase in GGR, amounting to €69.5m. Category B slots also saw an 18.2% increase, totaling €2.6m, leading to a total GGR of €72.1m from online slot machines during the nine months. However, sports betting revenue fell slightly by 1.1% to €26.1m, while table games revenue surged by 63.0% to €8.8m.

In the land-based market, Category B slot machines led in revenue with €22.9m, although this was a 3.0% decrease from the prior year. Category A slots, on the other hand, saw a 13.0% increase, reaching €11.3m. Retail sports betting revenue decreased by 10.5% to €6.8m, and land-based table games GGR was 3.2% lower at €12.9m.

The Lithuania lottery also saw revenue growth, with a 15.5% increase to €46.3m, despite a 7.4% decline in ticket sales to 73.9 million. Player winnings were also slightly lower at €55.7m, reflecting a 2.9% decrease.

Overall, the gambling industry in Lithuania has experienced positive growth, driven by strong performance in the remote gambling sector and online slot machines. These trends indicate a robust market for gambling in the country.

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