The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has recently revoked the licence of Winners Malta Operations, making them the latest in a string of businesses to face this consequence. Effective as of 11th January, Winners Malta Operations has been instructed to cease all activities under their Malta licence.

The specific reason behind the cancellation was not disclosed by the MGA, but they have outlined a series of steps that Winners Malta Operations must now take. These include settling any outstanding fees owed to the MGA within five days of the licence revocation, returning funds to customers, and submitting a report to the regulator confirming that these actions have been completed. Additionally, the operator must remove any mention of the Malta licence from its websites.

It was also noted that the decision to cancel the licence is subject to appeal, indicating that Winners Malta Operations may choose to challenge this ruling.

This is not an isolated incident, as the MGA has been clamping down on rule-breakers in the industry. Genesis Global had their B2C gaming licence cancelled just a few days before Winners Malta Operations, after it had been suspended in January of the previous year. The operator had been running 23 different websites under this licence, including well-known platforms such as,, and

Rush Gaming, the operator of and, also had their licence suspended until further notice, while Betago joined the list of businesses that had their licence cancelled last week. Like Winners Malta Operations, Betago was ordered to return all funds to players and remove any reference to the permit from their websites.

The recent enforcement actions by the MGA suggest a commitment to upholding and enforcing the regulations governing the iGaming industry in Malta, with a strong focus on compliance and consumer protection.

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