Sports betting figures in Mississippi took a hit in December, with both revenue and handle declining compared to the previous year.

Handle, or the total amount of money wagered, came in at $48.9 million, a decrease of 34.3% from the $74.4 million recorded in December 2022. This also represented a 21.6% drop from the $62.4 million wagered in November 2023.

Revenue was not spared either, reaching just $4.9 million. While this was a significant drop of 56.6% from the $11.3 million in revenue seen in December of the previous year, there was a silver lining in the fact that it was a 58.1% increase from the $3.1 million seen in November of the same year.

Coastal casinos continued to be the preferred destination for sports bettors in Mississippi, with $31.6 million in bets processed and $2.4 million in revenue generated in December. Football and basketball were the most popular sports to bet on, with $14.5 million and $7.7 million in wagers, respectively, while an additional $4.9 million was spent on parlay bets.

In contrast, central casinos took in $11.0 million in wagers and reported $1.7 million in revenue, with basketball, football, and parlay cards each accounting for a significant portion of the bets. Northern casinos lagged behind, with $6.3 million in bets and revenue reaching $770,498.

The overall win percentage for the state in December stood at 10.0%, reflecting the percentage of wagers that sportsbooks kept as profit. Despite the declines in revenue and handle, the report also showed signs of improvement in the market compared to the previous month.

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