The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has appointed Charles Mizzi as its new chief executive, effective next month. Mizzi will assume the role on 26 January, succeeding Charles Brincat, who has served as CEO for the past two years.

Mizzi brings extensive experience to the position, having previously served as the CEO of Residency Malta Agency for five years and held various other senior roles, including head of the image and communications unit at BNF Bank.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the new role, Mizzi stated, “I am keen to build on past successes and, together with the team under the guidance of the Minister responsible and the board of governors, to strategically steer the Authority forward so that Malta’s already robust position in the field may be further strengthened, while delivering value to all stakeholders.”

The appointment of Mizzi was welcomed by Malta’s minister for the economy, EU funds and lands, Silvio Schembri, who praised Mizzi’s extensive experience and expressed confidence in his ability to continue building on the MGA’s achievements.

Following his appointment, Mizzi may have to address Europe’s opposition to Malta’s Bill 55, also known as Article 56A of Malta’s Gaming Act. This law has sparked controversy as it protects Malta-licensed operators from legal liability related to their gambling activities, a measure that has been scrutinized by other European stakeholders.

The German gambling regulator has claimed that the law conflicts with the Brussels Recast Regulation, which governs legal judgements between EU members. However, the MGA has argued that its gambling laws are in full conformity with EU law and are based on the freedoms afforded to an entity established within the internal market.

Despite the MGA’s arguments, the European Commission has requested more information from Malta’s authorities and has stated that it would examine the law to ensure its compatibility with EU regulations. If necessary, the case may be taken to the European Court of Justice for further resolution.

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