Kindred Group, Svenska Spel, and ATG have released data on responsible gambling in Sweden for the second half of 2023, showing varying levels of success in contacting players about their behavior. The three companies had committed to disclosing responsible gambling activities starting in the fall of 2022 and submit data to the Swedish regulator Spelinspektionen every six months.

The latest dataset, covering the period from July to December 2023, marks the third update to be published. It includes information on the percentage of players contacted due to risky gambling, the impact of contacting players, the number of players who reduced problem gambling habits, and the percentage of players who stopped gambling.

Kindred reported that it had contacted 0.5% of all customers in Sweden about their behavior. Of those contacted, 78.2% reduced their gambling, an improvement from the previous period. Additionally, 78.6% of contacted players lowered their average deposits during the six-month period. Kindred also revealed that 2.2% of players self-excluded from gambling for less than six months, and 1.6% did so for more than six months. Furthermore, the company disclosed that only 3.1% of its revenue came from harmful gambling in the fourth quarter, down from 3.3% in the previous period.

On the other hand, ATG saw a reduced impact of contact, as it reached out to 1.5% of Swedish players in the second half, compared to 1.9% in the first half. Despite this, only 56.4% of those contacted reduced their gambling. ATG also observed a decline in the number of players who chose to lower their deposits.

Svenska Spel reported that it reached out to 1.9% of Swedish customers, with 74.8% of those contacted reducing their gambling. Additionally, within specific business areas, more players were contacted in the Sports & Casino segment, with 75.6% reducing their gambling and 49.6% lowering average deposits. In the Tur business, 70.5% of contacted players cut back on gambling and 49.9% reduced their average deposits.

Overall, the data from Kindred, Svenska Spel, and ATG revealed mixed success in contacting players about their gambling behavior and helping them reduce risky habits. With ongoing monitoring and reporting, these companies aim to continue promoting responsible gambling in Sweden.

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