The Netherlands has announced the recipients of the first round of funding from the Addiction Prevention Fund (VPF). This fund, established in 2021, receives money from an additional gambling levy on high-risk games of chance and is managed by the gaming regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). It aims to support research into the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction.

The six projects selected for funding are part of the ZonMw Prevention of Gambling Addiction programme, which is being run by ZonMw, a healthcare research body, and will last until 2029. The projects cover a range of topics, including the evaluation and innovation of effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment for gambling, the development and testing of interventions for gambling problems in youth, and the mapping of the type of gambling ads vulnerable groups in the Netherlands come into contact with and the consequences of these ads.

Amsterdam UMC and Trimbos Institute are among the recipients of the funding. Amsterdam UMC will focus on the evaluation and innovation of effective CBT treatment for gambling, while Trimbos Institute will look into developing and testing the effectiveness of Moti-4 for gambling problems in youth. Additionally, the University of Amsterdam and IVO are also conducting research into the impact of gambling ads on vulnerable groups in the Netherlands.

The ZonMw Prevention of Gambling Addiction programme was launched in March 2023, just weeks before the launch of the Netherlands’ licensed gambling market. The programme aims to address issues related to vulnerable groups, prevention, treatment, and interventions for gambling addiction.

This initiative aligns with the efforts of the Human Assistance Network for Daily Support (HANDS) and The National Healthcare Institute to minimize harm related to gambling. The call for grants was issued to those working within the field of prevention and treatment of gambling addiction and problems.

Overall, the projects funded by the Addiction Prevention Fund represent a significant step forward in the effort to address and combat problem gambling in the Netherlands.

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