Gaming Revenue in Nevada Grows in September

In September, gambling revenue in Nevada experienced a slight increase of 1.6% year-on-year, reaching $1.27 billion. This figure was marginally higher than the revenue of $1.25 billion in September 2022. Compared to August of the same year, the total revenue for September was also 5.0% higher.

While slots were still the main source of revenue, they experienced a 5.1% decrease, generating $814.6 million. Multi-denomination slots saw an increase of 5.7%, bringing in $473.9 million, while penny slots dropped by 16.8% to $249.0 million.

Table, counter, and card games revenue increased by 16.6% to $456.0 million, with baccarat being the most popular, bringing in $148.8 million, an 85.8% increase from the previous year. Blackjack revenue also grew by 12.9% to $97.7 million, while craps revenue increased by 12.2% to $36.5 million. However, revenue from roulette decreased by 8.9% to $36.9 million, and there was a 13.2% drop in Pai Gow poker revenue to $11.0 million.

Sports betting revenue, on the other hand, experienced an 11.8% decline in September, amounting to $62.3 million. The majority of wagers were on football, bringing in $38.7 million, followed by baseball with $16.1 million in revenue. Basketball and hockey wagers resulted in losses of $328,000 and $439,000, respectively. Mobile betting accounted for $29.0 million of all sports wagering revenue.

On the Las Vegas Strip, overall revenue reached $741.2 million, a 6.9% increase from September of the previous year. Slot revenue saw a decrease of 6.4% to $383.1 million, while table, counter, and card games revenue jumped by 26.3% to $358.1 million, largely due to an 87.8% rise in baccarat revenue. Additionally, strip sports pool revenue slipped by 3.9% to $31.2 million, with $12.7 million coming from mobile bets.

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