In 2023, New Jersey saw a record-breaking high in gambling revenue, reaching $5.78bn, which is a 10.9% increase from the previous year. This growth was observed across all three core markets: land-based casinos, igaming, and sports betting.

Land-based casinos remained the primary source of gambling revenue, accounting for $2.85bn, with retail slots revenue increasing by 3.3% to $2.11bn. However, table games revenue slipped by 0.7%, the only subsection of the market to report lower revenue in 2023.

Igaming revenue in New Jersey reached nearly $2.00bn, with online slots revenue jumping by 15.9% to $1.89bn and peer-to-peer poker increasing by 5.6% to $28.9m. Golden Nugget, Resorts Digital, and the Borgata were the top earners in the igaming market.

Sports betting revenue exceeded $1.00bn for the first time, reaching a new yearly high of $1.01bn, driven by a higher spend among players in the state. Bettors wagered $11.97bn on sports in 2023, with Meadowlands and partners like FanDuel and PointsBet leading the market in revenue.

In December 2023, New Jersey saw a 14.8% increase in total market revenue, with land-based casinos, igaming, and sports betting all experiencing growth. Land-based casinos witnessed a 7.8% increase in revenue, while igaming revenue hiked by 19.1% and sports betting revenue increased by 24.8%.

The gambling industry in New Jersey is clearly thriving, with all sectors experiencing significant growth and record-breaking revenue in 2023.

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