A Sneak Peek at OnAir Entertainment’s New Game Show

OnAir Entertainment is set to release its first game show, and we’ve had the opportunity to get a preview of what they have in store. Drawing inspiration from the popular Crazy Time game, Travel Fever is expected to offer a diverse selection of bonus features that aim to outshine the competition.

The game will feature a large lucky wheel, similar to Crazy Time, where players can win various bonuses and multipliers. Travel Fever will include six unique bonuses and multipliers, each inspired by a different mode of travel. These features, such as Lucky Hike, Golden Spin, Ship Hunt, Happy Race, Flying Dice, and Train Rush, will offer players the chance to earn remarkable multipliers and each round will play out differently.

While the developer hasn’t finalized the exact math and gameplay of each feature, we do have some insight into what to expect from the game. Ship Hunt will task players with sinking ships to reveal hidden prizes, while Lucky Hike will require players to spin the needles of a compass to find rewards. Flying Dice will involve tossing dice down a Plinko machine, and Train Rush will roll a die with different colors to determine the prize location. Golden Spin will give players a spin on the 9 Pots of Gold slot, and the Happy Race machine will involve spinning a wheel to guide a car for rewards.

The game is shaping up to be a promising debut from OnAir Entertainment, and we look forward to providing a more in-depth review once it is released. If the developer can deliver an appealing math model and RTP, Travel Fever has the potential to be a huge success.

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