Preparing for ICE 2024: iGaming Business and EveryMatrix’s Slot Trumps Report

In anticipation of ICE 2024, iGaming Business and EveryMatrix are gearing up with a new series that will cover the latest developments in the industry since the 2023 show. Their joint venture, the Slot Trumps Behaviour Report, provides a data-driven analysis of player behavior in key markets.

The first edition of Slot Trumps, released in September 2023, focused on the Brazilian market, shedding light on how players engage with challenges and tournaments. This analysis came at a crucial time, as the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies had just approved a bill to regulate sports betting and online casinos.

Since then, there have been significant changes in Brazil’s regulatory landscape. The Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) approved a reduced tax rate for sports betting, solidifying the legality of online gaming. The bill faced opposition in December, with attempts to remove igaming altogether, but it was eventually added back in. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva gave his approval to the new regulatory framework earlier this month.

The Slot Trumps dashboard also ventured into Romania, revealing that players in this market are drawn to buy features that offer a more rewarding gaming experience. The top played games in Romania fall into two categories: classic-themed games with no bonuses and games with buy features.

In Greece, the Slot Trumps report highlighted players’ preference for slot themes. Fruit symbols and animal themes are prevalent among the top 1,865 games in the country. Additionally, Greek players tend to stake lower amounts over a longer period of time, with an average bet per spin of €0.79 across the top 20 games on SlotMatrix, a result of the maximum bet cap on slots in Greece.

As the industry prepares for ICE 2024, the Slot Trumps series provides valuable insights into player behavior and market trends, setting the stage for the biggest show of the year.

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