The first quote from the Pagcor financial statement is the revelation of the organization’s revenue for the first nine months of the financial year, which amounted to PHP55.95 billion. The majority of this revenue was attributed to gaming and operations, totaling PHP51.66 billion. Other service and business activities contributed PHP3.04 billion, while “gains” revenue amounted to PHP1.25 billion. The remaining PHP5.7 million came from non-operating sources.

However, in terms of expenses, Pagcor spent PHP18.85 billion in total operating expenses during the same period. The main expenditures were personnel services at PHP10.96 billion and maintenance and other operating costs at PHP5.71 billion. This resulted in a pre-tax profit of PHP37.10 billion, with a post-tax profit of PHP37.09 billion after paying PHP10.6 million in taxes.

Furthermore, Pagcor also made contributions worth PHP32.23 billion during this period, leading to a comprehensive net profit of PHP4.86 billion.

Pagcor’s financial statement comes amid the organization’s plans to transition to a “purely regulatory” role, as announced by CEO Alejandro Tengco. This move is expected to lead to the privatization of its gambling operations, a decision intended to “level the playing field” and foster future growth and viability among other operators.

Currently, Pagcor operates the Casino Filipino chain of casinos with eight properties across the Philippines and plans to enter the online gambling market with the launch of a new website,, in Q1 of 2024. Tengco hinted at this transition earlier in the year when he spoke of spinning off the corporation’s casino business to a private bidder, as well as plans to further expand Pagcor’s nation-building programs.

However, Tengco also cautioned that the move to a purely regulatory role could impact staff, although measures were being planned to avoid any displacement, particularly at the casinos that will be privatized. Additionally, he mentioned that Pagcor is making changes in its corporate structure, business processes, and procedures to become more responsive and competitive as a regulator.

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