The iGB Pentasia salary survey has returned for its sixth year, providing a comprehensive view of the global igaming talent landscape. This year’s report, in partnership with iGB, offers valuable insights into the evolving industry’s compensation trends and future strategies.

One of the main highlights is the end of spiralling wage growth in the sector. This shift comes as a result of the remarkable growth the igaming industry has witnessed since 2020, leading to high demand for talent and corresponding wage inflation. The survey indicates a maturing igaming market that is now focused on sustainable growth. Salaries are finding their equilibrium and are expected to persist without any decrease, while wage growth is becoming more closely aligned with inflation, providing a more sustainable and predictable environment.

Moreover, the survey points to increased demand for specialist hiring in new markets, particularly in LatAm, with a focus on Brazil. The imminent legalization of online casino and sports betting in Brazil has generated significant attention across the industry. However, the demand for individuals with industry-specific experience in these regions presents a challenge, and the importance of well-established relationships in navigating the industry’s talent landscape is underscored.

In addition to new market trends, the prolonged delay in the release of the UK Gambling Commission’s white paper has had a profound impact on the industry’s ability to plan and invest strategically. In response to this uncertainty, the value of relationship-building comes to the forefront, as it positions companies to pivot swiftly in response to changing regulations and market conditions.

Amidst this ever-evolving environment, the value of strategic partnerships is emphasized in the survey. Strategic partnerships are crucial for providing continued support for the growth of companies. Alastair Cleland, managing director of Pentasia, highlights the company’s commitment to developing long-term strategic partnerships with clients and emphasizes the importance of this report as a valuable resource in strategic decision-making processes.

The report concludes with an interactive feature that provides an in-depth look at the findings of the survey. Overall, the survey offers significant insights into the evolution of the global igaming talent landscape and the strategies that will shape the sector’s future.

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