In an attempt to settle their ongoing legal dispute with Mexican online casino and sports betting brand Caliplay, Playtech has announced several measures. This dispute has been ongoing for some time, with the most recent development occurring when Caliplay launched legal proceedings to end its partnership with Playtech.

Caliplay, a joint venture between Playtech and Mexico-facing operator Caliente, is now seeking to terminate its legal relationship with Playtech, citing the impact on its regulated business in Mexico. The Mexican court has accepted jurisdiction over the claim, issuing interim orders that include the suspension of certain rights held by Playtech under the agreements. Despite this, Playtech was ordered to continue providing software and services to Caliplay, although its right to receive payments from Caliplay for such services was suspended.

Responding to the Mexican court’s ruling, Playtech stated that the actions taken by Caliplay in the Mexican court proceedings go against the contractual agreements established since the strategic agreement was formed in 2014. Playtech highlighted an agreement that disputes between the parties would be resolved in England.

To protect its position and advance towards a resolution with Caliplay, Playtech has taken various measures, including obtaining interim anti-suit injunctions from the English courts against Caliplay and securing separate interim measures from a Mexico court ordering Caliplay to discontinue the case it initiated against the relevant Playtech entities in Mexico.

Despite the ongoing dispute, Playtech expressed its high regard for Caliplay and its commitment to resolving the matter quickly. Playtech is also determined to enforce its rights under its agreements with Caliplay and maintain an open dialogue to discuss a path forward.

The disagreement originated from a point of contention regarding an option for Caliplay to redeem an additional services fee element of the strategic agreement. Playtech claimed the option had expired, while Caliplay argued it had not yet expired and expressed its commitment to resolving the issue swiftly. As of now, Caliplay has not responded to the latest statement issued by Playtech.

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