The National Gaming Authority (ANJ) has announced a two-year strategic plan, with a major focus on the protection of minors and reducing harmful gambling. The plan was developed after extensive discussions with stakeholders and is centered around three main pillars.

The first pillar aims to address the issue of excessive gambling in France’s gambling market, which the ANJ describes as a public health concern. The second pillar focuses on transparency and integrity within the sector, while the third pillar is aimed at improving the economic aspect of regulation.

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, president of ANJ, emphasized that the objectives of the strategic plan will be closely monitored over the next three years. She highlighted the need for the market to pivot towards a less intensive model and stressed the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders, including gaming operators, public authorities, institutions, and associations.

One of the key action points outlined by ANJ is the reduction of gambling advertising for the public, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups such as minors and individuals with gambling problems. The regulator also plans to promote ethical advertising among operators and sponsors. Additionally, ANJ has ordered operators to immediately reduce the number of ads following the UEFA 2020 European Championship, citing concerns about excessive advertising during the tournament.

In addition to addressing advertising concerns, ANJ’s strategic plan includes measures to combat illegal gambling, particularly in relation to online platforms and payment services. The regulator also aims to develop specific policies for operators offering games with monetizable digital objects.

ANJ also expressed a commitment to supporting developments in the gaming sector, particularly those related to games with monetizable digital objects. This will involve monitoring new trends and ensuring compliance with player protection measures.

Overall, the strategic plan is based on making scientific market knowledge and data a priority, mobilizing stakeholders in France and Europe, and ensuring that ANJ serves as a role model for exemplary regulation. The implementation of this plan will mark a significant shift in the regulation of gambling in France, with a strong emphasis on protecting minors and reducing harmful gambling practices.

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