The Q3 figures released by the Gambling Commission in Great Britain show a 4% year-on-year increase in online gross gambling yield (GGY), reaching a total of £1.30bn (€1.52bn/$1.65bn). This record high comes as a result of the growth in slots and real event betting.

The data for the three months to 31 December 2023 revealed that slots were the primary driver of GGY, with a total of £618m, up 6% from the previous year and the highest quarterly total on record. The number of spins also saw a substantial increase, reaching nearly 22 billion, and the average monthly active accounts rose by 8% to four million.

Real-event betting GGY also experienced a 5% increase, reaching £468m, despite a 3% decrease in the number of bets and active accounts. This was attributed to the Fifa World Cup taking place in Q3 of 2022.

In addition to slots and real-event betting, other sources of GGY in Q3 included online casino, virtual betting, esports betting, casino, and poker. Online casino GGY amounted to £159.7m, virtual betting reached £12.0m, esports betting stood at £2.4m, poker at £17.6m, and an additional £2.0m came from other sources.

The land-based gambling market saw mixed results in Q3. While machines remained the main source of GGY at £293m, this was a 3% decrease from the previous year. Over the counter GGY also decreased by 3% to £153m, with the number of bets falling to the lowest recorded numbers since venues have been fully open for an entire quarter. However, self-service betting terminals (SSBTs) experienced a 17% increase in GGY, reaching £116m, with the number of SSBT bets climbing 10% to 39 million.

In addition to GGY, the Commission also published data on safer gambling indicators. The number of online slots sessions lasting longer than an hour increased to 9.8 million, marking the highest quarter since data collection began. However, customer interactions fell by 2% to 2.9 million, with the majority being automated. In the land-based market, total machine sessions lasting more than an hour also saw a decrease.

Overall, the Q3 figures provide valuable insights into the trends and fluctuations in gambling activity in Great Britain, shedding light on both online and land-based sectors.

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