Spain’s gross gambling revenue (GGR) increased by 23.6% year-on-year to €304.3m in the third quarter, according to official figures from the Spanish gambling regulator, Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ). However, this figure was lower than the second quarter, falling 2.7% short of the €312.6m generated in revenue in Spain during Q2 of this year.

Breaking down the Q3 figures, the casino was again the primary source of GGR in Spain, with casino revenue amounting to €160.3m, up 25.3% on last year and representing 52.7% of the whole market. The highest amount of growth came in the live roulette sector, with GGR up 27.8%, and there was also significant growth in the slots segment, with GGR jumping 25.9%.

In terms of quarter-on-quarter performance, blackjack GGR jumped 11.5%, slots 8.1%, and live roulette 5.4%. However, conventional roulette GGR fell 2.2% from Q2.

Sports betting revenue exceeded €113.0m, accounting for 37.3% of all GGR in Q3. Pre-match bet GGR fell 31.7% from Q2, and in-play wagers slipped 0.3%, while GGR from fixed-odds bets also declined 9.5%. However, other fixed-odds betting revenue increased 46.1% from Q2.

Poker GGR was €26.8m, up 22.0% from Q3 last year and 4.1% ahead of Q2 2023. Revenue from bingo slipped 1.0% year-on-year to €3.6m but was 2.9% ahead of Q2. GGR from contests was 56.6% higher than last year at €50,000 but 68.4% behind Q2.

Players in Spain deposited a total of €921.8m in Q3, an 11.9% increase on last year but slightly lower than Q2. Withdrawals amounted to €615.9m, a year-on-year rise of 8.1% but 2.9% lower than Q2. There were 322,709 new accounts opened in Q3, higher than both last year and the second quarter.

The monthly average of active game accounts stood at 1,082,743, up 10.6% from last year but 4.6% behind Q2. Operator spending on marketing costs in Q3 reached €93.3m, 12.0% up year-on-year but 4.9% behind Q2’s total spend. Promotions were the main source of gambling marketing in Spain during Q3, accounting for €47.7m, while a further €33.2m was spent on advertising and €11.6m on affiliates.

There were 78 licensed operators active in Spain during Q3, with 50 offering casino, 42 sports betting, nine poker, three bingo, and two contests.

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