Rhode Island saw a surge in sports betting activity in October, with a total of $45.8m spent by players. This marked a 25.2% decrease compared to October 2022, but a 21.8% increase from September of this year. It was also the highest monthly total since January 2023, when $62.3m was bet.

Of the total amount wagered, $36.4m was bet online and $9.5m at retail sportsbooks, including $6.3m at Twin River and $3.2m at Tiverton Casino.

However, when it comes to revenue, Rhode Island experienced a decline compared to the same month last year. The $4.5m in revenue for October was 8.2% less than the $4.9m generated in October 2022, but a 28.6% increase from September. The October figure was the second highest of the year, with January being the only month to surpass it with $5.2m in revenue.

Mobile betting accounted for $3.7m of all revenue, while retail brought in $835,276. Twin River posted $584,987 in betting revenue and Tiverton Casino $250,289.

Looking at year-to-date figures, Rhode Island saw a total spend of $126.2m in the 10 months leading up to the end of October, with $97.1m being spent online and $28.1m at retail facilities. Revenue for the period amounted to $11.3m, with online betting contributing $9.2m and retail bringing in $2.1m. Overall, players in Rhode Island won a total of $114.9m in the 10-month period.

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