Stian Enger Pettersen, the head of casino at EveryMatrix, has shared insights into the Romanian market and player behavior trends in a recent study. The research analyzed data from 1,890 games and outlined strategies for boosting player loyalty and driving casino revenue in Romania.

According to the study, the Romanian market consists of two main player groups: classic slot fans and bonus buyers. Classic slot fans are drawn to traditional themes and land-based games that have been converted to online platforms. On the other hand, bonus buyers generate larger bets by utilizing bonus buy features.

EveryMatrix’s network, which includes over 311 providers and more than 24,800 games, enabled them to gather unique insights into player behaviors in different markets. This information is crucial for casino operators to tailor their strategies and meet customer expectations.

Online casino in Romania is relatively new, having been regulated in 2010 with the establishment of a regulatory body three years later. Many players still prefer familiar land-based favorites when gambling online. These players are inclined towards classic themes with limited or no bonus features.

To cater to the preferences of classic players while providing additional excitement and boosting retention and revenues, EveryMatrix offers JackpotEngine. This tool allows operators to create configurable jackpots for any game, mimicking the look and feel of land-based jackpots. It also offers real-time monitoring and reporting of jackpot transactions, contributing to a more engaging experience for classic slot players.

Additionally, EveryMatrix is developing a feature that allows operators to offer personal jackpots to specific players. These tailor-made jackpots consider the individual’s preferences, budgets, betting levels, and playing styles, creating a more personalized and connected experience for players.

Presentation is important when targeting classic slot fans. EveryMatrix’s BonusEngine suite of retention tools provides operators with various gamification features such as tournaments, leaderboards, and mission-based achievements. The challenges system within the suite is particularly effective in guiding classic slot players towards more gamified journeys.

Operators should personalize and tailor challenges to align with the players’ expectations and gradually introduce them to newer content in between their favorite games. Game recommendation engines can also be used to identify player preferences and direct them towards similar content they are likely to enjoy. By presenting tailored content prominently and allowing room for experimentation, operators can increase retention and revenue numbers.

Overall, understanding player behavior and customizing strategies are crucial for success in the Romanian market. EveryMatrix’s research provides valuable insights that can positively impact casino operators’ strategies and improve the player experience.

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