Strive Gaming President Damian Xuereb has successfully navigated the crowded US market, despite being a latecomer. Established three years after the first bets were placed, Strive Gaming, led by Xuereb and CEO Max Meltzer, has leveraged its understanding of the state-by-state nuances in each market to build a product that meets current and future requirements as more states are added to their portfolio.

The focus on the North American market has been a strategic move, with the company opting not to chase other regulated markets such as Brazil, the Dutch, or German markets. By concentrating on the North American player experience, Strive aims to evolve around the changing player experiences and trends in the region.

Despite being a young business in a six-year-old market, Strive has already partnered with several clients, ranging from local tribal operators to international competitors, and a US market-leading client. Strive’s objective of helping small and single-state operators compete with market leaders not only promotes fair competition but also offers players a local and equally player-friendly experience.

Differentiation has been a key element of Strive’s success, with the company encouraging operators to reward and market differently to avoid a race to the bottom. Strive’s technology investment has continually evolved, and the company aims to help partners refine and adapt their marketing strategy to connect genuinely with their players in each market.

Looking towards the future, Strive sees significant opportunities for growth in the US market as both sports betting and iCasino continue to expand. The company aims to help operators create a unified omnichannel experience to unlock hidden value and grow player loyalty. With a unique asset in its Infinity Rules Engine, Strive is poised to lead a new phase of growth in the North American market.

In conclusion, despite entering a competitive market after the first bets were placed, Strive Gaming has built a successful foothold in the North American market by understanding the nuances of each state, focusing on differentiation, and aiming to provide a unified omnichannel experience for operators and players.

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