Super Bowl LVIII is expected to be a big event for the gambling industry in the United States. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), Americans are anticipated to wager a staggering $23.10bn on the championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs on February 11 at Nevada’s Allegiant Stadium.

A survey conducted by the AGA, involving 2,204 adults, revealed that the amount bet on this year’s Super Bowl will surpass last year’s game by $16.0bn. Additionally, a record 67.8 million people are expected to place a wager on the game, representing a 35.0% increase from the previous year.

While 42.7 million individuals are projected to bet at online platforms, retail sportsbooks, or through bookmakers, 36.5 million plan to engage in casual betting activities with friends or participate in pools or squares contests. The survey also found that 28.7 million people, or 11.0% of all bettors, will place their bets with a licensed online sportsbook, signaling a continued shift towards the legal gambling market.

Another notable trend highlighted by the survey is a growing awareness of responsible gambling among bettors. The report indicated that 75.0% of traditional Super Bowl bettors have seen a responsible gambling message in the past year, up from 71.0% in the previous year. Furthermore, 47.0% of all American adults have encountered responsible gambling messaging in the past year, compared to 40.0% in 2023.

AGA president and CEO Bill Miller emphasized the importance of ensuring consumer protections and responsible gambling practices in light of the anticipated surge in betting activity. He highlighted the significance of providing safeguards and education within the regulated market to protect consumers.

In terms of team preferences, 47.0% of bettors plan to wager on the Chiefs, while 44.0% are backing the 49ers in this year’s Super Bowl. With the increasing popularity of sports betting and the significant financial stakes involved, the AGA’s findings shed light on the evolving landscape of gambling and the need for responsible gambling initiatives within the industry.

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