Victoria Reed, founder of Better Change, believes that the gambling industry has a responsibility to ensure that players are protected from gambling harm while also considering the demands of operating a business. Better Change focuses on promoting positive play and empowering operators and customers to reach their potential. The company aims to interact with customers in the most appropriate way and at the most appropriate time in order to provide education on safer gambling without disrupting enjoyment.

Reed, who has spent ten years in the industry and previously worked in Silicon Valley, has seen positive reactions from operators and leadership boards on changing the way the industry interacts with customers. However, she has also encountered frustrations with regulators, who she believes are demotivating operators from going above and beyond in implementing safer gambling measures.

Rather than demonizing the industry, Better Change aims to seamlessly integrate safer gambling into the customer experience without interrupting non-unhealthy play. Reed believes that the industry has been unfairly tarnished and that the vast majority of players enjoy gambling safely. However, she also acknowledges the moral obligation to minimize harm for the small percentage of players who are suffering.

Reed wants regulators to recognize the numerous safer gambling efforts happening across the industry and to ensure that effective safer gambling products can be funded and implemented as quickly as possible. She also wants operators to receive credit for the work they have done to protect players and to reignite their motivation in addressing the issue of gambling harm.

Ultimately, Better Change aims to be a solution to the industry’s problem of balancing the demands of operating a business with the responsibility to protect players from gambling harm. The company hopes to create a sustainable industry that cares about its players and is prepared to invest heavily in safer gambling measures.

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