journey undertaken to reach this point in her career.

Dujardin has a strong belief in the power of mentorship, and she emphasizes the importance of support and guidance in the professional development of women. “Being a role model for other women in the industry is a huge responsibility and privilege, and I am committed to using this platform to inspire, mentor, and champion other women,” she says.

Dujardin also acknowledges the challenges that women can face in male-dominated industries, such as gambling. “It can be difficult for women to have their voices heard in such environments, and there can be an implicit bias against women in decision-making roles,” she explains. “It’s important for women to stand up for themselves and support each other to break down these barriers.”

For Dujardin, achieving gender equality and promoting diversity in the workplace is a cause she is deeply passionate about. “It is crucial for companies to have diverse and inclusive work environments where everyone feels valued and has equal opportunities for growth and success,” she says. “As a CEO, I strive to create a culture that celebrates diversity and empowers women to thrive in their careers.”

These four influential women represent just a fraction of the nominees in iGB’s Most Influential Women 2023 list. Their commitment to making a difference in the gaming industry is shaping the future of a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse landscape. As the rest of the Top 10 is revealed over the next two days, it is clear that the impact of these women and their achievements will continue to inspire and pave the way for future generations of female leaders in gaming.

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