MPs in the UK are urging the Premier League and other sports governing bodies to reduce the amount of gambling advertisements that are visible in stadiums. A report from the Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) Committee released on Thursday emphasized the need to minimize children’s exposure to gambling advertising.

The report also recommended dedicating more space to safer gambling promotion. However, the report did acknowledge that a different approach would need to be taken with horse and greyhound racing due to their intrinsic links with gambling.

Dame Caroline Dinenage MP, chair of the CMS committee, highlighted the need to shield both children and people who have experienced problem gambling from the overwhelming amount of advertising branding at sports events. The report also went further than the White Paper’s suggestions by calling for a more precautionary approach to advertising and pointed to a recent study that highlighted the high number of gambling messages visible during matches.

The Betting & Gaming Council (BGC) responded to the report, praising the rejection of a blanket ban on gambling advertisements. The BGC also agreed with the CMS Committee’s call for a code on sports sponsorship to be published without delay.

A study from Bristol University‚Äôs business school found that self-regulation of the gambling industry was “completely failing.” The study revealed that 92% of gambling ads breached regulations by not being clearly identifiable. The researchers also found that less than a quarter of the ads included gambling harm reduction messages and only 18.7% featured age warnings.

Overall, the report and the study have shed light on the urgent need to reexamine the effects of gambling advertising, particularly in protecting children from exposure to gambling. The CMS Committee has called for the government to work with sports governing bodies on cutting the sheer volume of betting adverts people are being exposed to. The call to action for reducing gambling advertisements in sports stadiums continues to be a pressing issue that requires immediate attention.

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