In today’s cutthroat job market, a company’s values can make all the difference, according to Sarah Kane, chief people officer for Pentasia’s parent company, The Conexus Group. As the iGB Pentasia Salary Survey highlights, job candidates are looking for more than just a role; they want to align themselves with companies that share their values and culture.

Kane emphasizes the importance of authentic values that are more than just words on a website. She points out that candidates are able to discern whether a company’s values are a genuine driving force behind its operations, or simply a superficial facade.

At Pentasia, the goal is growth. The company is dedicated to fostering long-term strategic partnerships and transcending the transactional approach that is typical of many recruitment providers. These values are not just specific to Pentasia, but are shared across The Conexus Group to ensure alignment and collaboration.

The core company values at Pentasia and The Conexus Group are: thinking laterally, valuing relationships over transactions, creating time, and deep knowledge. Kane believes that these values are crucial in recruitment, as the focus is not just on filling positions, but finding the right fit that supports growth and evolution. By embodying these values, Pentasia aims to create a workplace culture that drives innovation, while also building trust and delivering high-quality service to clients and colleagues.

Overall, Kane emphasizes that a company’s values are far more than just words. They can be the decisive factor in a candidate’s choice of employer and are essential in fostering a workplace culture that promotes growth and innovation. The iGB Pentasia Salary Survey of 2023 provides further insights into the trends shaping the job market and the importance of company values in attracting and retaining talent.

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