The new game by a software provider called Prosperity Tree Baccarat adds a new twist to the traditional baccarat game. This game incorporates multiplier cards, which can potentially lead to boosted payouts for players. The game follows standard baccarat rules and uses eight 52-card decks. Players can bet on predicting the winner between the player or banker positions, or even bet on a tie.

After the betting phase, the game randomly selects eight cards to become Prosperity Cards, which are then assigned multipliers of either 2x or 3x. The round continues with the dealer dealing cards and comparing the hands to determine the winner. If the winning hand contains a Prosperity Card, the payout is multiplied accordingly. The game also features two side bets, Player Pair and Banker Pair, which offer increased payouts if specific card combinations are drawn.

The game’s main attraction is the possibility of high multipliers, which can result in significantly increased payouts. The Tie bet, which usually pays 5:1, can potentially pay out 3,645:1 if all six participating cards are multiplied. This game is similar to another game called XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat, but with less volatility and improved visuals.

Players who enjoy baccarat and are looking for enhanced payouts are encouraged to give Prosperity Tree Baccarat a try. The game has visually appealing elements, such as falling golden leaves that reveal the Prosperity Cards. If the game sounds intriguing, players are recommended to visit specific casinos to try their luck with Prosperity Tree Baccarat.

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